Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Story

So one day when i was about 15, we decided to go to our house in Wisconsin. It was in the middle of nowhere. I mean there was not another house around for at lest 10 miles, so one night our parents decided to go visit our grandparents house about 15 miles away. They called and said that they were going to stay there for the night. There were 3 boys and 4 girls all between 14-17. I was an only child. The boys had been watching TV and i had no idea what the girls were doing. So I went and told them and one of them had an idea, Katy a 15 year old said, "Lets go Swimming!" Sure, let us get changed. they said.

So as everyone got changed all the girls came in bikinis, which i liked. Katy was wearing a thong! So we went to the lake. In  the lake we swam for about an hour until we got bored. Then Katy did something hot. She said,"this is boring, lets add some sexy stuff to this, and took off her bikini top." Since she could see everyone staring at her, she ran out got a waterproof flashlight and pointed it at her 36 D Tits, They were like heaven, so beatiful i got hard. Anyway she convinced all the girls to go topless. My was she a miracle worker, anyway we then swam around for another 15 minutes and then said. Lets Go completley nude, she  talked to the other girls for 5 minutes and said, "We have decided to take off i bottums and expose our asses and Bush, We will shine lights in it too see. Under one condition. "All the boys must be nude too and shine lights on their asses and dicks. I said sure aloung with Tim, However Chris was a little reluctant. After five minutes of talking to him he finnally agreed. Five Four At one we would all remove our clothes, Two One. In that second i expereined an experience like no other as 4 Blazing Sexy Chicks removed their clothes. So did I and Every Guy Including me were hard.

So we swam around for 10 minutes until it happened, Chris ran out of the lake grabbed everyones clothes and ran into the woods. We all did not know what to do, Then Tim Left. I stayed nude with 4 hot sexy nude chicks. It was amazing we got out and they talked and they said i could touch their boobs for staying here. I jizzed and they just laughed so we all went into the woods after them and ran around the woods nude for like three hours. I was heavenly I stuck with Katy the whole time and for about 10 minutes we had a huge kiss were our hands felt around each others bodys, Boobs Asses Vaginas everything. I could tell Katy was a keeper, we finally went back to the house to find Tim and Chris clothed waiting for us.

Now at age 21 I am dating Katy and will soon Marry Her. She is pregent with her first child who is a boy and will be named Chris.